Angry Tiki Entertainment is a team of talented and experienced artists, designers, programmers, and producers.  Over the last couple of years we have created Interactive media for Trade Shows, Mobile Apps, Commercials, Augmented Reality experiences, and recently, we jumped "head first" into VR. 

Not just talented sets of hands, we are "out of the box" thinkers as well!  A number of our clients have come to us with little more than rough concepts, and we have developed them into successful and engaging experiences.  We welcome new and emerging technologies, and we excel at figuring out how to apply them to market a product, communicate a message, or just to wow and amaze.  AR, VR, LeapMotion, 360 video, mobile games, etc... we dig them all.  It is important that we love what we do!  When not working on the next big experience for a client, we are working on our own projects... including our own mobile game.

Aaron Powell (Founder/Creative Director):
Aaron is a Swiss Army Knife of Interactive/Visual Effects. Aside from always delivering beautiful visuals, he is well known for getting projects done, on time and on budget, which are keys to building a portfolio of happy clients. He has been in these industries for 30 years. Starting with Westwood Studios in Las Vegas, creating some of the top game titles of the 90's (Command and Conquer, Blade Runner, etc.).  Then, he moved to Los Angeles and has worked as a VFX Supervisor at a variety of leading studios: Blur Studios, Sway, Digital Domain, Pixomondo, and Mind Over Eye.  With all of these varied experiences paired with his problem solving skills, Aaron has earned the nickname "MacGyver" among his peers, as he always figures out how best to solve even the most challenging of tasks.


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